Why am I blogging?

Months ago, I listened to a talk on TED by Emilie Wapnick. In this talk, I was introduced to the term “multipotentialite.” It was one the most enlightening things I had ever heard.  I don’t know if the term was coined by Emily, but it describes someone who has multiple passions and tells us that it’s ok to pursue them all.  She explains that many people have multiple passions that they do not pursue, because society has primed us to believe that pursuing more than one of those passions would be inconsistent and irresponsible. Until that day, confused was the best term I had to explain who I believed I was.

As a multipotentialite, an introverted one at that, blogging is one of those passions I have chosen to pursue, thanks to Emilie Wapnick and TED. That talk has profoundly affected my life and I will be sharing that journey here. This blog will be filled with my thoughts, opinions, insights, passions and things that inspire me.


Author: kerlande

Hi, I'm so glad you've found my little corner of the internet. This is where I share my insights about life, passions, opinions, all of the things i've learned as a twenty-something year old and the little life inspirations. Thank you for stopping by. --Kerlande--

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