Love Freed Me


September 12, 2016
Love found me
I exist because
love found me
Weak because
I had lost a fight
Involving my heart
Left to rot
Severely wounded
And discarded
Abandoned, I waited
Timid and inadequate
Too exhausted
To move, forgotten
Wings broken,
Amor shattered to pieces
Afraid of darkness
In the midst of the sadness
And confusion it found me.
Drowning in anger and pain,
longing for the unattained
Impossible to sustain
Contrite that I had lost the fight
Ashamed that I thought I could win
love found me.
Love carried me
Love found me and isolated me
until it healed me.
Love healed me.
Love sustained me
Love repaired my brokenness and then
Just like that, with a new pair of wings
and a new golden armor, polished
It set me free
Love set me free to flourish and fly.
Love found me.
Love carried me.
Love repaired me.
Love restored me.
Love healed me.
Love sustained me
Love freed me.
I exist because love freed me.

–Kerlande Patterson–